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    Non-Slip Dash Mat

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    A Convenient Way To Utilize Your Dashboard

    Our reliable DashMat makes your dashboard look sleek, cool, and well-organized. With its 4-in-1 design, the DashMat helps you keep your phone and knick-knacks in place.

    To make things better, the DashMat comes with a built-in aromatherapy function, helping to keep your car smelling good. Plus, it boasts a non-slip base so that all your things stay in place while you drive around.

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    Key Benefits

    Simple Assembly - Our DashMat only takes seconds to mount on your dashboard. Simply lay it over your dashboard, load it up with your things, and you're good to go!

    Multiple Functions - A good benefit of having the DashMat is its ability to hold up your phone while you drive. It also comes with multiple compartments that are a perfect fit for items like keys, coins, and pens.

    Highly Secure - Made with premium and thick PVC, the DashMat adapts to the shape of your dashboard. Once it's placed on top of the dashboard, it will no longer move or shift until you peel it off for cleaning.

    Cool Design - Apart from its versatility, the DashMat also boasts a cool and sleek design. It even glows in the dark, giving you easy access to your things when driving at night.

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